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Misuse of DMCA Services by Irresponsible People

Misuse of DMCA Services by Irresponsible People - A few days ago, something amazing happened to my blogger friends, including me, because the original post that we wrote ourselves (not the copy paste) was reported to the DMCA by an unknown person on grounds of copyright infringement.

This is very detrimental to us as the original owner and claimed that the post is his. According to several complaints on social media, most of which claimed it was posting to the review template, even the owner of the template was also reported to the DMCA for the same reason.

Until now the appeal by blogger friends has not been completed because we still have to wait for the final decision of Google for 14 days. What worries us most is when Google refuses an appeal and deletes our post or blog which is clearly innocent and does not commit the violation in question.

Regarding this issue I was surprised when there was an announcement through the blogger dashboard and email as shown below:

I hope as a manager or admin of the blog, Google must be really selective and careful in this regard. It seems that the provision of DMCA services by Google has been misused by people who are not responsible, if this is left then many original blog owners will be disadvantaged, and this will have a negative impact on the performance of Google Adsense ads.

I hope the Google is aware of this !!!

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